Who is Thomas Coleman of the Tinnitus book?

Tinnitus is a high frequency ringing or humming in the ears that often occurs for no identifiable reason. It may also be a medication side effect or a secondary symptom of an underlying health condition. The disorder is often transient in nature; however, those who experience it on a regular basis typically describe it as annoying and frustrating. It frequently interferes with enjoyable activities such as listening to music or watching television. No medications have been developed specifically for the treatment of tinnitus, although certain drugs are prescribed to lessen the severity of one’s symptoms. Those who are familiar with tinnitus may have heard of Thomas Coleman, a nutrition expert and medical researcher who has made great strides toward finding a natural cure for this uncomfortable and irritating condition.

Coleman’s Story

Man covering his earsColeman suffered from the symptoms of tinnitus for over a decade and was given advice from numerous medical professionals, but his symptoms persisted. He was told to use muscle relaxants, anti-anxiety medications, and even participate in various exercise programs, none of which offered him any relief. The symptoms eventually took their toll, and he developed insomnia and a very short temper, both of which affected his family life in a negative way. After this decline in his quality of life, physicians recommended surgical treatment. Reluctantly, he agreed to a specific ear procedure and assumed this would permanently resolve the problem. Unfortunately, the symptoms returned after about thirty days, at which point he was informed by the medical community that there were no more options available.

Coleman remained unconvinced that his tinnitus could not be cured, and was determined to find an answer not only for himself, but for many other tinnitus sufferers seeking relief. He studied every remedy on today’s modern market and spoke to numerous specialists and physicians to gather a broad range of opinions about the disorder. Coleman also put his medical investigator background to work and interviewed other tinnitus sufferers and studied their case histories with their permission. He reviewed countless medical journals and research papers related to the disorder to uncover small details that may have been overlooked by the mainstream medical community.

After many frustrating years, Coleman eventually cured the ringing in his ears with a method that encompassed a broad range of solutions, all of which were holistic. He initially believed that the cure was tailor made for himself, but quickly discovered that this program was equally effective for other people. During the course of his research, he had interviewed approximately 30 tinnitus sufferers, and it was this group of individuals who agreed to test his cure to determine whether or not they could also experience similar benefits. As one would suspect, Coleman was happy to discover that every individual participating in his trial experienced an improvement of symptoms in fewer than 60 days. In addition, several test subjects enjoyed a complete cessation of their tinnitus symptoms. Certain individuals even began referring to the system as “magic,” due to the fact that they had also undergone a broad range of traditional medical treatments, all of which were ineffectual, but then found relief through Coleman’s cure.

For this reason, Thomas Coleman dubbed his holistic system “The Tinnitus Miracle.” The mainstream medical community has not yet conducted a sufficient amount of tests or clinical trials to determine if this tinnitus remedy can be marketed as an absolute cure. However, those suffering from tinnitus symptoms on a regular basis have nothing to lose by trying Coleman’s program. As always, prior to participating in any holistic treatment, it is wise to discuss one’s intentions with a licensed health care professional.

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