Common Causes Of Stress Tinnitus

Primary Reasons For Tinnitus Brought On By Stress

Tinnitus is a condition that makes a person hear various noises in one or both ears without an external source. There are many things that cause the problem. For example, loud noises, various medications, infections, or stress can lead to tinnitus. Stress tinnitus can be extremely bothersome and affect everyday life in a negative manner. Here is a closer look at how stress is related to tinnitus.

How Stress Impacts Tinnitus

photo-273986The body’s limbic system can have a great affect on tinnitus.  This system involves the part of the brain that processes emotions. Therefore, when the auditory nerves send a tinnitus signal through the head, the limbic system reacts in a negative manner. It tells the brain that the signal is something harmful. This begins a cycle of stress in the body that can have an extremely negative affect on mental health. Although stress is not a direct cause of the condition, it is known to make it worse.

Signs and Causes of Stress that Worsen Tinnitus

Stress tinnitus can be triggered by a number of situations.  Anything that makes a person feel pressured or sense a loss of control will cause stress. Often, periods of prolonged stress will lead to depression or deep anxiety.  Relationship problems, money issues, illness, death of a loved one, or job challenges may lead to stress tinnitus.

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Stress manifests itself in various ways. A person may experience profuse sweating, loss of appetite, or rapid heartbeat. It is also possible to suffer from insomnia, headaches, or dizziness as well. When stress is extremely severe, it is wise to seek medical help.

How Stress and Tinnitus are Related

All things that cause stress may trigger tinnitus or make the condition’s symptoms greater. To add to the problems, many individuals will feel extra stress from the noises in the head.  It is common to have feelings of worry and anxiety about tinnitus. This causes a negative cycle to begin. Stress triggers tinnitus, tinnitus causes worries, and more stress follows about the condition. On a positive note, when stress is alleviated, tinnitus symptoms may lessen or go away. This is why it is so important to learn the best ways to relax.

How to Handle Stress Tinnitus

The best way to get a grasp on stress tinnitus is to find ways to relax. Practicing deep breathing or other exercises will prevent tension from building. One popular form of exercise that takes away stress is yoga. Yoga involves meditation and deep breathing. Getting in touch with the inner spirit is a great way to boost the mood and relax the mind.

When the body and mind are relaxed, muscles will feel better and blood pressure will drop. This allows the brain and other organs to work better. Relaxation also brings the mind to a better emotional level. This helps a person cope without overreacting to challenging situations. When the mind is calm, the mental state is calm as well. Symptoms of tinnitus decrease, and concentration becomes easier.

Tinnitus can be an annoying condition. It may be brought on by loud noises, stress, or other factors. It is common to feel pressure at work or at home. It is also common to be surrounded by loud sounds. To prevent the problem, it is important to protect the ears from disruptive noises and to avoid stress. Stress tinnitus can be prevented through relaxation techniques and meditation. Although stress is not a direct cause of tinnitus, it is a trigger that sets off a cycle that makes symptoms worse. Controlling stress may alleviate the problem and increase overall health and well being.

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