Stop Tinnitus

How to Halt That Annoying Ear Ringing

Commonly referred to as ringing in the ears, tinnitus is a condition that can cause a great deal of distress.  In more severe cases, the condition makes it difficult to concentrate, and interferes with the ability to get a good night’s rest.  If you suffer with this condition, try these natural remedies to stop tinnitus and enjoy some peace and quiet again.

Noise pollutionReduce Your Intake of Salt

Many of us lead hectic lives and don’t spend much time in meal preparation.  Instead, we rely heavily on packaged foods that are easy to heat up in a microwave oven.  While those options are fast and filling, they are also loaded with salt.  As a result, many people end up ingesting more salt than they need.

While you are likely aware that excessive salt can cause problems like high blood pressure, you may not realize that too much sodium can also pave the way for ringing in the ears.  When there is no apparent underlying health issue connected with the ringing, making changes to your diet will likely make a huge difference in the severity of that ringing.  Try eating more fresh foods and control your salt intake.  You could see a difference in as little as a week.

Cut Back on Stimulants

Part of the reason behind the ringing may be that you are taking in too many stimulants.  Think about how much caffeine you consume during the day.  Between coffee in the morning, candy bars for snacks, and tea with your other meals, there is a good chance that you are ingesting a great deal.  Try limiting yourself to a cup of coffee in the morning and maybe one glass of tea with a meal.  At the same time, increase your intake of water.

Another stimulant to consider is tobacco.  You already know there are plenty of reasons to stop smoking or using tobacco in any form.  Did you know that developing tinnitus is one of those reasons?  The nicotine found in tobacco products can affect the function of the central nervous system.  That in turn can trigger all sorts of reactions, including ringing in your ears.  Give up tobacco and that ringing will begin to ease off.

Avoid Excessive Noise

Constant exposure to high levels of noise can pave the way to damaging the ears.  An early warning sign is ringing or pulsing sounds in the ears.  Before any type of permanent damage occurs, make some changes in your lifestyle and eliminate as much noise as possible.

For example, turn down the volume on the car radio when you are driving.  At home, lower the volume on the television so it is not constantly blaring.  When you attend a concert and know things are going to get loud, take along a set of ear plugs that will help muffle the volume.  You’ll still be able to enjoy all the sounds while protecting your ears and allowing them time to heal from overexposure in the past.

Move Around More

Since so many jobs involve sitting at a desk all day long, it is no wonder that many of us do not get enough exercise each day.  A sedentary lifestyle has a negative effect on blood circulation.  That impacts the function of many systems around the body.  It even makes it possible for tinnitus to develop.

Assuming you are basically healthy, start incorporating more exercise into your schedule.  Start with simple tasks like going for a walk around the block during lunchtime.  Take a brisk walk around the neighborhood in the evening.  Try to build up to at least thirty minutes of exercise per day.  As your circulation improves, you will likely notice that the ringing in your ears is growing more faint.

Try Some Herbal Supplements

There is a fair amount of anecdotal evidence that certain herbs will help to stop tinnitus.  These natural remedies for tinnitus are definitely worth trying.  Most are relatively inexpensive, and results can begin to appear in as little as two weeks.

Black Cohosh is one of the most often recommended herbs to help with ringing.  This particular herb has properties that help to relax the nervous system.  When the underlying cause for the tinnitus seems to be tension, that release will make it much easier to achieve some degree of relief.

Ginko Bilboa is another example of an herb that has some effect on the function of the nerves.  By easing tension, this eliminates some of the pressure that can cause ringing in the ears.  As the tension fades, the severity of the ringing should also decrease.

Keep in mind that while herbs are natural, they have side effects just like prescription medication.  If you are currently taking any type of medication regularly, talk with your doctor about possible negative interactions between those medicines and the herbs.  Doing so will ensure that you choose something that allows you to continue enjoying the most beneficial effects of both products.

Don’t forget that health issues like diabetes, hypertension, and thyroid disorders can be the root cause of the tinnitus.  See your doctor and have a complete checkup to determine if some type of health problem could be causing the ringing.  When this is the case, treating that underlying cause will often result in eliminating the tinnitus and allowing you to enjoy life without that constant ringing sound.

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