Herbal Treatment For Tinnitus: A Safe And Effective Solution

Can You Cure Your Ear Ringing With Herbal Methods?

Find the right herbal treatment for tinnitus that offers natural relief from symptoms. Tinnitus makes hearing uncomfortable because of the ringing, thundering, whistling sounds that invade one or both ears. People with tinnitus may even hear voices that are not caused by hallucinations. Sufferers can also hear constant melodies inside their ears. Causes vary, from hearing loss and impacted wax in the ear canal to stress and loud sounds in the workplace. One person may have symptoms caused by taking too many aspirins, while another individual may experience symptoms due to a head injury. People can develop tinnitus as a result of congestion caused by colds or sinus infections. The list of causes is nearly infinite, so it is often difficult to pinpoint the exact reason why a person suddenly experiences symptoms related to tinnitus.

Low Serotonin Levels Can Cause Tinnitus Symptoms

Those with low levels of serotonin may experience symptoms related to tinnitus. Popularly known as the happiness neurotransmitter, research indicates that garbanzo beans and bananas help the brain to manufacture more serotonin. Frequent walking or jogging in fresh air can also help increase higher amounts of serotonin in the brain.

Natural Remedies Instead of Prescribed Medications

Fortunately, nature has remedies offering concerned consumers alternatives to prescribed medications with potentially harmful side-effects. Natural herbs or over-the-counter herbal formulas are ideal for consumers with tinnitus. People can purchase herbal remedies at local pharmacies, or natural herbs at grocery stores, without medical prescriptions. The following list includes herbal remedies offering some tinnitus sufferers natural relief:

1. Ginkgo Biloba

GinkoSome researchers in the alternative health field think that the leaves from the ginkgo biloba tree offer powerful relief for tinnitus sufferers. Ginkgo biloba is a natural herb promoting blood circulation in the brain. The herb helps people feel less dizzy. Since individuals with tinnitus may feel dizzy due to constant noises flowing in and out of their ears, ginkgo biloba may offer relief.

2. Rosemary

People with high blood pressure may find that rosemary is a simple and effective herbal treatment for tinnitus. A common and inexpensive household herb, rosemary helps the circulation and strengthens blood vessels. Reducing symptoms related to high blood pressure can help certain individuals suffering from tinnitus symptoms. Rosemary can also help people alleviate mood swings due to depression. Drinking a few cups of rosemary tea several days a week may help relieve depressed feelings associated with tinnitus.

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3. Goldenseal

People who have tinnitus due to colds or sinus infections may find relief by taking goldenseal. Known for its ability to ward off and relieve various types of infections, goldenseal may also provide a solution for treating tinnitus.

4. Oatmeal

People who eat ample quantities of oatmeal may find it interesting to learn that avena sativa, the oat plant from which oatmeal derives, is a natural remedy for tinnitus. Besides the scientific evidence that avena sativa helps people control high cholesterol levels, the plant can also help those with tinnitus. Lowering cholesterol levels also results in improved blood circulation. When a person’s blood circulates properly, whether in the body or localized in the brain, the negative effects due to tinnitus can improve. The natural oat plant also helps the nervous system.

5. Garlic

The common garlic bulb is another herbal treatment for tinnitus. Everyone knows that garlic is a miracle herb. Garlic is a natural antibiotic that can help improve symptoms related to tinnitus. A person who suffers from tinnitus due to poor circulation, high blood pressure or an infection may find relief by using garlic. The raw herb is more potent than cooked garlic. Additionally, consumers can buy odorless garlic capsules that do not cause bad breath.

Tinnitus Symptoms May Disappear Without Any Treatment

Tinnitus symptoms are not always permanent. Lucky individuals discover that the symptoms leave by themselves. A person suffering emotional distress may find that the symptoms disappear when the problem causing the stress is resolved. An employee who stops working in a noisy factory may learn that the symptoms go away because the person is no longer exposed to loud sounds. People who continue to experience irritating sounds in their ears may develop symptoms related to depression. Consequently, it makes sense to use a specific herbal treatment for tinnitus as a natural remedy.

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