Ginkgo Biloba – How It Cures Tinnitus And Reduces Ear Ringing

How Ginko Can Help Your Tinnitus

The effectiveness of ginko biloba for tinnitus is something that has been examined and discussed for some time.

green ginkgo biloba leaves isolated on white backgroundTinnitus can be a debilitating condition, sometimes referred to as, ‘ringing in the ears’, however, the ringing can actually take the form of buzzing, hissing, a humming sound or even whistling.

Although this isn’t harmful in itself it can become very difficult to live with, and for many people, sleep becomes a major problem and depression may follow.

It is however important to establish if there is a known cause. For some this might simply be ear wax, and a gentle ear syringe may resolve the problem. For others there may not be a specific cause but they need to establish whether any particular activity reduces or removes the sounds, or indeed makes it worse.

Often tinnitus is more prevalent when in a quiet environment so frequently sufferers will learn, usually through trial and error, what background noise will help to mask the annoying and ultimately debilitating sounds.

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However, some people find that ginkgo biloba can help to cure tinnitus and reduce ear ringing. The Ginkgo Biloba tree has been around for more than 3 million years and has been used for many thousands of years within Chinese medicine.

Extracts from the leaves are used in many illnesses as it appears to benefit the circulatory system, thereby bringing relief to many problems that involve the ears, eyes and brain.
Some benefits have also been found in people with dementia, especially the type caused by vascular disease.

It is therefore not surprising that it is one of the most popular medicinal herbs around the world. The extract comes from the dried leaves of the tree but as the trees can grow to 130 feet and some trees live for more than one thousand years, the sustainability of this herbal medicine is plain to see.

As the ginkgo biloba extract is known to make changes within the circulatory system it would be wise to discuss its use with a doctor, particularly if you have previously suffered from any bleeding problems or will soon be having surgery. Also, it can alter ones blood sugar, so again, if diabetic you should seek medical advice prior to commencing a course of ginkgo biloba. But generally, side effects are minimal and the benefits of such a natural herb will out way any minor discomfort.

It is thought that the ginkgo biloba acts on the vascular system within the head, thus relieving the symptoms of tinnitus. This is particularly the case if the tinnitus is caused by general wear and tear and the natural aging process. It may be less beneficial if the cause is a mechanical one, for example, damaged ears due to excessive noise over long periods of time. However, some people do report improvements with this type of tinnitus so it is certainly worth considering. Especially as an added bonus may be a significantly improved memory.

In most countries ginkgo biloba is easily and cheaply available from health food stores and supermarkets in capsule, tablet or liquid forms. You can also get it as a dried leaf in order to prepare your own tea, however, it will be difficult to assess the actual dose you are receiving, so this method should probably be left to the experienced user.

There is also no standardized dosage that is generally agreed on for a particular problem so usually people start on a low dose and very gradually increase it until they start feeling the benefits.

Generally if you speak to anyone who has used ginkgo biloba for tinnitus the outcome is very positive. They usually feel that general medicine is unable to come up with a satisfactory pharmacological solution and can often be frustrated and pretty desperate by the time they discover ginkgo biloba.

Any mild side effects such as nausea or dizziness general settle quickly but if concerned then talking to your doctor or pharmacist will help allay any fears.
Usually the staff in most health food stores are well informed about the benefits of their products so it is always worth consulting with them and discussing your particular issues.
Overall, it seems that taking ginkgo biloba for tinnitus can have a beneficial effect in many people.

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