My Own Tinnitus Experience – Finally Silence After 4 Years



My name is Brian and i’ve been suffering from Tinnitus for the last 4 years. Now, i’m not one of those extreme cases that have difficulty sleeping, headaches or can’t concentrate. In fact my Tinnitus is mild in comparison to others. I had a high pitched ringing predominantly in my left ear. I also noticed that the ringing would increase with higher levels of stress. My Tinnitus started about the time i started taking a daily low dose aspirin.  I try to combat my high blood pressure by using a daily blood thinner – aspirin. As i understand this is fairly common for a person to take a daily low dose to thin the blood and also reduce inflammation.After reading the Tinnitus Miracle book, i had learned that Tinnitus has in some people been linked to blood pressure and atherosclerosis.  This is something i’m working to reduce and combat and an ongoing issue for me.  What i also learned from Thomas Coleman was that salicylate (aspirin) can activate Tinnitus.  Wow, after reading the book i came to also realize that my own Tinnitus started about the same time that i went onto a daily low dose. Now, i wasn’t really wanting to do away with my daily aspirin regimen. There was however an herb that is effective in countering aspirin Tinnitus.  In step 1 of the Tinnitus book, Thomas lists quite a number of herbs that are effective in reducing your Tinnitus.  One of them, Salicylicum Acidum is effective in countering the Tinnitus brought from aspirin. Now after trying this herb, i can’t claim to be totally rid of my Tinnitus however it must be reduced by 70%.  This is great.  This massive reduction in my ear ringing took only a few days after getting the Tinnitus Miracle book. Thanks Thomas. Tinnitus can be an early warning sign that there is something fundamentally wrong with your body.  If left untreated, it can cause further complications.  In my case, i need to pay better attention to my health and circulation.

The root cause of my Tinnitus will likely be due to my blood pressure and keeping this under control.  Now i have a game plan to work with my doctor.

I can’t claim that your own Tinnitus cure will be so simple.  That’s the beauty of a holistic approach.  Each person is different and may take several course corrections to find your answer and root cause.

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My Own Tinnitus Experience – Finally Silence After 4 Years — 4 Comments

  1. The guide helped me cope with my horrible Tinnitus like no resource has been able to do. While it involves good some work and persistence it delivers results. Real results. The guidance and easy to follow instructions have effectively helped me heal myself from this affliction.

  2. Brian, I believe you and I shared very similar symptoms. Well, in my case I’m still suffering from tinnitus, but I’m hoping tinnitus miracle will put an end to that. I also hear the high pitched ringing sound in my head and it started about 6 years ago. I have a family history of high blood pressure, so maybe you and I are not so different after all. Here’s me hoping that your method will fix my problem too.

  3. This really gives me hope, because it means that even if you’ve suffered from tinnitus for a long time, you still have a chance to get fully cured from it. I’ve been living with tinnitus for the last 3 years and my life was never the same since the day that I got it. I’ve tried many things but I had no success so far and I’m desperate for a solution. If I could only be as lucky as you…

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