What Causes Somatic Tinnitus?

The Real Reasons For Somatic Tinnitus

The grinding of teeth as you eat or talk may increase the occurrence of tinnitus. Usually, somatic tinnitus is attributed to tension in one’s jaw. If tinnitus is a problem, it is essential to have the teeth examined. Not only can the ringing in the ears be annoying to the sufferer, it may also indicate problems with one’s gums or smile. Abscesses in one’s mouth may result in the ringing noise.

Woman with dental jaw painYour doctor may prescribe medication or other therapy to help relax the muscles in the jaw. In addition, certain stretches help to release the tense muscles. Some patients benefit from neck splints or physiotherapy to relax muscle groups that are tense. Lifestyle changes, nutritional choices and exercise may all help to reduce one’s symptoms.

Individuals who suffer chronic tinnitus may find the ringing noises in the ears to be very irritating. The condition may affect the quality of life for the sufferer. The best results are often found when the sufferer seeks help soon after the condition begins.

Many tinnitus sufferers are frustrated in trying to find a medication that brings relief of the condition. They may try several different options before finding one that is helpful. In many cases, the patient does not find relief of the condition with any of the commonly used medications. With somatic tinnitus, the best approach may be a mouth appliance that prevents grinding of one’s teeth while sleeping.

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Some sufferers have found help through natural programs that help to overcome the condition without medication. The patient follows a particular program in order to decrease the sensations.  These programs have brought relief to some patients when nothing else has been able to stop the ringing noises experienced in the ears.

Both doctors and proponents of the all natural systems recommend protecting the hearing. Loud noises at decibel levels loud enough to result in hearing loss can increase the ringing noise. If one’s job requires working around loud noises, ear protection is essential. In addition, sufferers should keep music volume at a level that does not cause damage to the ears. Attending loud concerts or other music events should be avoided. Children should be provided with hearing protection if in loud areas as their developing hearing is more easily damaged than that of adults.

Some sufferers of this condition find it to be made worse by a buildup of wax in the ear canal. One should never attempt to remove this buildup with cotton swabs or other objects that are placed in the ear. However, your doctor may provide medication that softens the earwax so it can easily be rinsed away when you are in the shower.

Somatic tinnitus is a condition that leads to ringing in the ears. It is usually related to one’s oral health. If other causes for the ringing noise one experiences have been ruled out, an oral exam may help to identify the problem. Grinding of the teeth or tension held in the jaw may result in this particular problem for some individuals.

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